A Word from the Mayor

fortin laurentMr. Laurent Fortin, mayor of Blue Sea

After more than a century of living with the seasons and the lapping of water on the shores of the majestic Blue Sea Lake, the Blue Sea municipality landed again on the great shores of the Internet New version of its website.

Our fellow citizens are local residents as well as long-time vacationers who grew up spending their summers on the shores of the Blue Sea and our other 29 lakes, such as Edja, Long, des-Iles, Morissette or Roberge lakes .

Around these lakes, which have been the mirror of our history, is the memory of thousands of visitors, tourists and vacationers, such as that of John E. Martin who wrote in 1940 a touching poem about Lake Blue Sea .

I invite you to read this text which was transmitted to us by Janice Street, the little daughter of Mr. Martin. Mrs. Street, who is a professional photographer, also graciously provided the photos of our slideshow.

`The new version of our website is a reflection of our municipal life and the common history we share with our great lake and all the other lakes that surround it.

Minutes of council meetings, regulations, garbage schedules, budget and taxes, public notices, etc., are all information that you will find in the pages of our site.

Enjoy your visit.

Mr. Laurent Fortin