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Living at the water's edge

Here is a comprehensive guide for residents and vacationers living at the water's front.

Blue-green algae
Origins, proliferation, causes, etc. : click here >>

The Shore Primer

The Shore Primer
A cottager's guide to a healthy waterfront.
Document : click here.

Vivre au bord de l'eau !

Living at the water's edge
A poster on good practices for waterfront development. It is intended for municipalities and land owners living along rivers and lakes. It is available at no charge at Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Just call 418-775-0726, or email to : It is also available at the municipal office. Document : click here (French).

Office of Boating Safety
Canada's Office of Boating Safety website: click here >>

Public launching ramps
Lac Allard
Chemin du lac des îles est
Codes GPS :
N 46 10.958 W 76 04.709

Lac Blue Sea
Public dock on Principale St
Codes GPS :
N 46 10.986 W 76 03.666

Lac Edja
Chemin du Lac-Edja ouest
Codes GPS :
N 46 10.564 W 76 00.694

Lac des Îles
Chemin de la Belle-Baie
Codes GPS :
N 46 09.931 W 76 06.887

Lac des Îles
Chemin du Lac-Long
Codes GPS :
N 46 09.829 W 76 08.115

Lac Long
Traverse du Lac Long
Codes GPS :
N 46 13.419 W 76 07.685

Lac Morissette
Chemin du Lac-Long
Codes GPS :
N 46 13.476 W 76 06.691

Lac Profond
Chemin des cerfs
Codes GPS :
N 46 09.738 W 76 05.647

Lac à la Truite
Chemin du lac Profond (halte routière)
Codes GPS :
N 46 09.940 W 76 05.589

By-law on banks and shorelines
Interim control by-law number 2009-206 to establish protection measures towards lakeshores, river banks, littoral zones and flood plains applicable on the municipalize territories of the MRC de La Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, except for the territories of drainage basin of Heney Lake and City of Maniwaki.
Document : click here.
Summary of the by-law : click here.
Changes to the by-law (Octobre 3rd, 2011) : cliquez ici >> (French)

The Association's mission is to protect and preserve the watersheds of both Blue Sea Lake and Blue Sea Stream, an ecologically sensitive and endangered 80 sq km area situated within the municipalities of Blue Sea and Messines.
More informations : click here.

Lake Associations

Association pour la protection de l’environnement du lac Latourelle (APELL)

Association des propriétaires des lacs Edja, Caya et Roberge
Gerald Boyer, president

Association du lac des îles pour l’environnement (ALIE)

Association du lac Profond
Robert Duval, president

Association de villégiateurs du lac Allard
Paul Dénommé

Bleu Outaouais
Protecting our Lakes and Watercourses: Essential to Fighting the Proliferation of Blue-Green Algae ! Guide for Outaouais residents.
Document : click here.

The living by water project
Working towards healthier human and wildlife habitat along the shorelines.
Browse the website : click here.

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